KONUM is highly specialized in the production of metallurgical products with over 20 years of quality and experience

 We offer a comprehensive range of services – from the order to the express delivery process.


Our goal is to produce and supply the highest quality products to our custo-
mers using sustainable processes which meet the highest global standards of environmental control.


KONUM is a specialist in the production of for-
gings up to 25.000 kg unit weight, with a max. length of up to 10.000 mm.


During the past couple of years, KONUM has significantly expanded its production and finishing capacities for complex geometries.


KONUM is able to respond to customer requirements quickly and flexibly, because of our constant stock of different quality raw materials.


Our history

Family owned and operated, KONUM has a rich history and tradition with continuous growth and development.


KONUM has grown continuously since its founding. Our headquarters and production facilities are located in northern Slovenia. This part of our country is well known all over the world for its quality production of alloys and specialty steels.

During the past years the KONUM company premises and manufacturing capacity have increased significantly.


We possess comprehensive mechanical fabrication capacities for complex components. We are able to cost-effectively manufacture finished mass produced components. The Central European position enables us to ensure efficient sales network support and a quick realization of all market activities.